Joanna De Pena | Enhancing Peak Entrepreneurial Performance
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Enhancing Peak Entrepreneurial Performance

Enhancing Peak Entrepreneurial Performance

Entrepreneurship is the creative ability to establish and build an enterprise from scratch. It can also be viewed as the mental attitude to take calculated risks after recognizing and pursuing opportunities with the ultimate aim of profiting from business ventures.  Improved and developed business performance is also linked to underlying characteristics such as skill, motives, social roles, and determination. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and resources and help may not always be readily available. 

When entrepreneurs feel trapped or stuck, they have a higher chance of giving up and walking away from their dream. Entrepreneurs, if you are reading this – DO NOT GIVE UP! Below are some quick and tangible tips to keep you pushing and make it out of this entrepreneurial roller coaster!

  • Positive Mindset

Developing the right mindset is vital in the enhancement of entrepreneurial skills that lead to improved business performance. Mindset is considered the single most crucial aspect of being an entrepreneur. When business people focus on the correct mindset, they are destined to achieve exponential growth and success. The mind can limit emotional configurations and lead to limiting beliefs such as the fear of success, failure, or feasibility of the venture. Do not fall in this trap!

  •  Expanding your Knowledge

Information is power and in this regard, taking the initiative to become a lifelong learner is vital in enhancing entrepreneurial performance. Entrepreneurs ought to progressively improve their knowledge through any tools and methods best suitable for them. As much as it can be demanding, business people can start with a simple task such as reading 30 minutes a day, preferably a book that is relevant to your business or personal development. Choosing powerful books that teach you tangible leadership, mindset and efficiency skills lead to propelling  your business to greater heights. Don’t have time to read? Or not into reading? Listen to books, browse credible sources on youtube, sign up for a conference – the list goes on. 

  • Taking Advantage of Social Media

 The integration of social media in business enables entrepreneurs to access more resources than in the previous decades easily, within seconds. Embracing social media in the business setting aids in growing a business’ credibility, improves its communications with its stakeholders, and yields strategic partnerships.  Entrepreneurs need to comprehend that social media is an effective (and free) marketing and communication tool to expand their market segment. Hence, entrepreneurs need to embrace social media since it plays a significant role in promoting ones products or services that lead to improved sales and relationship building.

  • Mentorship

Learning from a mentor is another priceless aspect in progressing your performance as an entrepreneur. Rather than learning from your entrepreneurial mistakes, it is wise to learn from seasoned mentors and connections. Mentors can be a great source of inspiration and a vital point of reference when the tough gets going as by learning about their journey can be inspiring and they can share their lessons learned along the way.

  • Dancing with your Challenges

Embracing your challenges and obstacles rather than running away from them can go a long way in empowering your entrepreneurial practice. Personal and business challenges should be identified and analyzed to find possible remedies and not viewed as the end of the world.

After identifying these hurdles, it is essential to address a single problem after the other rather than tackling them all at a go. Furthermore, it would be best to hold yourself accountable, so you don’t end up drowning in your problems. Dealing with challenges after you have allowed them to grow only makes the situation worse and difficult to manage.


Improvement Tips


  • Setting KPIs

Coming up with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strictly adhering to them is ideal in boosting performance. As an entrepreneur, you ought to create solid and crystal KPIs for your enterprise. They are a vital scheme that gives an entrepreneur insight into whether they perform well enough to achieve their business goals and are there any areas identified that require improvement or attention. 

To achieve peak performance, entrepreneurs ought to be aggressive by getting out of their comfort zones and should not take no for an answer. They should strive to achieve and surpass goals. On the other hand, mediocrity should not be tolerated since underrating any aspect of your life gradually infects other aspects. In this regard, entrepreneurs must set quantifiable KPIs and elevate their standards.


  • Your Body is Tied to Your Success

Since your physical body is a significant factor that facilitates all these tasks, it is necessary to have the correct plan and routine set in stone. It would help if you strived to keep your health in check constantly, 100% no excuses. It is unhealthy to work straight through and ignore the essence of exercising, eating proper meals, hydrating and disconnecting from time to time. Such practices blocks many entrepreneurs from achieving their peak performance to the deprivation of endorphins from a proper workout and adequate nutrients from appropriate meals. It’s as simple as that. Your body is a like a vehicle, no matter how new the vehicle is, overtime without maintenance it will deteriorate and become trash. 

 Taking an entire day or half a day off your work routine to take care of the mind, body, and soul is highly advisable. This can be achieved by listening to music, going to the beach, spending time with loved ones, and other recreational activities on a schedule, not as a one off occasion. Taking such breaks will reset the button to the human body and revive you to keep PUSHING.


  • Adopting a High-performance Lifestyle

To stay motivated to progress in your performance, you will need to continuously read books, listen to podcasts, interact with individuals who inspire you, and keep you on your toes to pursue your utmost performance. Become a lifelong learner, and live up to nothing less. If you want to be successful, you simply need successful habits!

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