Joanna De Pena | Crucial Skills for That ALL Entrepreneurs Need
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Crucial Skills for That ALL Entrepreneurs Need

Crucial Skills for That ALL Entrepreneurs Need

As an entrepreneur, do you have the relevant entrepreneurial skills? Entrepreneurship is about a person’s prowess in business. It is also about skills that help face the various challenges encountered in the business world. If you want to be an entrepreneur or already are and wish to improve your business performance, you have come to the right place.

Entrepreneurship skills are the main asset of a new business. If you are involved in producing new products and services, how can you use your skills to identify prospective customers, markets and face market challenges? Every decision made by an entrepreneur influences the success and performance of the business. That’s why it is crucial to identify your level of skills and capacity.

Entrepreneurial skills act as business strengths. Here are some of the ways through which an entrepreneur can identify their strengths:


Identify your personality

What personal attributes do you have that make it easy for you to make effective interactions with people? As an entrepreneur, your personality will influence how you communicate with customers and other business partners. The following are examples of key personality skills you should identify.

Vision: Do you have the ability to inspire people to share your vision? Can you plan and organize your business?

Patience: Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to withstand challenges, or are you a person that gives up quickly?

Leadership: Do you have the ability to lead others?

Listening skills: How well do you listen to people during communication? Or how do you react when people talk to you?

Optimism: How positive are you about your success rate? Do you always hope for the best or anticipate the worst?


As an entrepreneur, if you have the above skills, then you are good to go! Personality skills always compensate for any lack of knowledge or experience in the business. When I first got employed after college, my personality skills helped in building rapport with customers, even though I was learning the ropes of the business. 

Business is ALL about relationships. And if your strengths as an entrepreneur give you the ability to relate well with people, then you are GOLDEN. Learning your personality skill strength is a critical step in entrepreneurship. It defines the type of employees you will hire or the people you will choose to partner with.



Identify your Interpersonal skills


Identify the social skills:  As an entrepreneur, how good are you at communicating with other people. Communication is the key aspect of any business, and as an entrepreneur, you will be required to work with diverse groups of people. How will you maintain good relationships with these people? How will you communicate when conflict arises?

You will require an evaluation of the following skills:

Emotional intelligence: How well can you use, manage and understand your emotions? How do you react when people have problems? Are you a good mediator where problem-solving is involved? What methods do you use to relieve stress?

Public speaking: How well can you speak to a large group of people? or 1 on 1?

Collaboration: How effective are you when you work with other people? Do you prefer to work alone, or do you actually like getting outside help?

Most people do not have practical interpersonal skills. However, if you are an open entrepreneur, it is crucial to be open to learning and quickly improve your skills.


Developing skills

If you have the above skills, then you are sure ready for business. However, entrepreneurship is about being the BEST in the business. Therefore, how can you improve your skills to the highest level to ENSURE peak performance?


  • Learn from the best


You may have the relevant skills as an entrepreneur. However, you are bound to make mistakes in business. How can you avoid such mistakes? Learning from people who have already succeeded in similar entrepreneurial ventures will be helpful for you. Learn from mentors as they   will correct you when you go wrong, advise on the best path, and act as support structures when facing problems. If you learn from the best, you most definitely become one of the best. No need to learn on your own or reinvent the wheel!


  • Practice how to communicate effectively


If you have problems talking to other people, then the best method as an entrepreneur would be to learn how to express oneself. You start by taking a course, practice speaking to people while alone, or offer to lead ceremonies or activities any time they come up – outside of business. Practice makes perfect, and when you practice, you will perfect your craft!

  • Be unique

Entrepreneurship is ALL about creativity. You want to be the best and the differentiator in the industry. Then, why don’t you choose a different twist for your business? Improving your creativity is about doing what others have never done before. So stand up tall, take on all challenges head on and embrace the journey of entrepreneurship!

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